Marvel Spider-Man’s Black Cat Is on the Prowl in Convincing Cosplay

Marvel Spider-Man’s Black Cat Is on the Prowl in Convincing Cosplay

Here we are again with even more cosplaying shenanigans as we encounter Spider-Man's Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, beautifully brought to life by the creative hands of Hendo

Cats and the internet just go hand in hand – it’s a fact. They rule the interweb with their aloof nature and judgemental attitude that humans can’t get enough of. Cosplayer Hendo certainly thinks so too while she showcases her feline-tastic attire as Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4.

As we can see from the pictures, Hendo exhibits her costume from Spider-Man’s DLC “The Heist” with its distinctive black and white wash accompanied by Black Cat’s long platinum flowing hair and eye mask. Hendo has expressed that it has been a dream come true for her to work alongside Marvel and PlayStation when she got given the chance to bring Black Cat to life at the New York Comic Con last year.

With most cosplayers, their talent to bring characters to real life doesn’t end with just one act – Hendo is a woman of many faces it seems even dressing up as the Spidey, but of course in her own way and with her own unique style, taking the Spider-Man we know and love to another level, but one of Hendo’s most surreal cosplays is her take on Maya from Borderlands. 

In the short clip, we see Hendo recreate the blue-haired Siren – which had to have taken many hours to do as the similarities are second to none! Even the phaselock orb she is holding looks so legit – so much so you can almost hear Maya call out “Siren here. Nice to meet you all. If anyone tries to capture me, I’ll incinerate their brain”.

Thankfully, Hendo is also a gamer too – taking to the platform Twitch to play mostly old N64 games, FPS’s, and some multiplayer titles. You’ll also find her partaking in creative streaming too, which is probably where she may showcase her current cosplay attire or a costume she is in the middle of making.

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