Spider-Man Fans Are Conflicted About Peter’s New Model for PS5

Spider-Man Fans Are Conflicted About Peter’s New Model for PS5

Peter Parker has a new look in Spider-Man for PlayStation 5 and well....the internet is split on it.

PlayStation and Insomniac released new details regarding Spider-Man Remastered for the PlayStation 5, but the most important information that is being talked about on social media right now is the remodeling of the games protagonist Peter Parker. While the voice performance is still done by Yuri Lowenthal, but John Bubinak who is most known for his roles in Barry and Girls has been replaced by Ben Jordan who is seemingly a new face (ha) in the acting sphere. Immediately the news brought a myriad of opinions as to whether the switch was the right move or not.

The first thought in many people’s minds when it came to Peter’s new model was the comparison to Tom Holland who plays the silk webster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which led to the creation of some clever memes.

Others, like myself, straight-up hate the new model in general and prefer the original version which some used the actual game to describe how they’re feeling in funny and creative ways.

Then there are those who like the new model better whether be due to graphical fidelity, general attraction, or because it matches Peter’s age more in the game.

As I said before, I’m not a fan of the redesign simply because I think the original looks better. Peter is 23 in the game and there are those that think the switch is better because he looked too old for his age, but in reality, some people look older than they are and some younger. Age shouldn’t play that much of a factor.

Despite everyone’s feelings, Insomniac says that they have a good reason for the redesign as it will apparently be a better match for Yuri Lowenthal who does the performance capture on top of the voice acting going into the next generation of hardware. The voice actor tweeted jokingly about the decision on his personal Twitter.

What are your thoughts on the new model? Regardless we all better get used to it as it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Do not forget, for those that want Spider-Man: Remastered on the PlayStation 5 you will need to buy the Ultimate Edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales or the PS4 version of the game to get this remaster. It will not be available for purchase separately.