Spider-Man: No Way Home: Comic Arcs to Support Matt Murdock's Cameo

The Devil is in the details.

By Jo Craig

August 26, 2021

Spider-Man: No Way Home is gearing up to be the Marvel event of the year and fans just got their first slice of the action after the jam-packed teaser trailer was released. There’s no denying the surprises that await fans this December and many theories and surprise appearances are already being discussed at length.

Mephisto, the Sinister Six, the past Spider-Men, and Hobgoblin have all been debated amongst Marvel fans after the trailer hinted at all of them. One cameo that is also convincing is Matt Murdock’s, a.k.a. Daredevil, whose arm may have been spotted in the trailer and we delve through the comics to show his pre-established union with Spider-Man.

SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home | Official Teaser Trailer

SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home | Official Teaser Trailer

Spider-Man and Daredevil’s Comic Book Bond

Peter Parker and Matt Murdock primarily fight crime individually, with one based in Queens and the other fighting for Hell’s Kitchen. These heroes rarely work in teams, but over the course of comics, they do form alliances with selected others and Spider-Man and Daredevil team up a lot.

Matt Murdock, who has a job as a lawyer outside his devil suit, has often defended Spider-Man in the comics. Matt has even defended Spider-Man in court when corrupted authorities wanted the web-slinger to be unmasked and won the case for Spider-Man to remain anonymous. Daredevil Vol 2 Issue 25 also saw Peter dress up as Daredevil to help Matt out in court during a case.

The possibility of Matt Murdock receiving a lot of screen time in No Way Home is slim, but this film could be the start of the iconic friendship between Matt and Peter, while the former defends Spider-Man’s identity in court during the fallout of Mysterio’s reveal.

Marvel Studios

Daredevil’s MCU Future

Charlie Cox’s iteration of The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is the one rumored to perform the No Way Home cameo. Netflix’s Daredevil series was a huge success, more so than any other of The Defenders, and fans are desperate to see more of Cox’s portrayal after the series was canceled.

By appearing in No Way Home, this brings Matt into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and carries the promise of more Daredevil content in the future with Cox running the show. It also opens up more opportunities for Daredevil and Spider-Man to work together in Phase 4 or 5.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will release in theaters on December 17th.

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