Marvel's Spider-Man Hits An Unusually High Platinum Rate for an Open-World Game

It looks like more players than usual are trying to find everything to get the platinum trophy in the recently released Marvel's Spider-Man.

Despite the recently released Spider-Man being a big open world experience, it looks like more players than usual are trying to get that platinum trophy.

Noticed by a ResetEra User “Certinfy,” if you slide on over to your trophy list (or PSN Profiles, if you don’t own the game) for Marvel’s Spider-Man, you will notice a fairly high percentage for the platinum trophy. As of right now, the rate for the trophy is at 10%, something not very common for an open world game. It looks like quite a bit of player are really enjoying this fantastic title.

Comparatively, Insomniac Games’ other PS4 titles, it also has high completion rate. Song of the Deep’s most rare trophy has only been grabbed by 5.2% of purchasers, with 100% trophy completion likely below that. Additionally, Rachet & Clank which was also widely-praised has a mere 2.8% completion rate on its platinum trophy.

On the flip side though, the game is not the hardest to platinum in the first place. Which I can appreciate. The collectible backpacks in the game are easily findable and by just playing through the whole game, it is pretty easy to find them all. However, developers have often been known to cite their platinum trophy rate as a benchmark of interest in their game, noting that people have followed through until the game’s end.

Make sure to check out DualShockers’ review of Marvel’s Spider-Man in which we gave it the best score possible. The title is currently available for PS4.

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