Eight Alternative Suits I'd Love to See Appear in Marvel's Spider-Man

There are dozens of different costumes that Insomniac could bring to Marvel's Spider-Man, but these are the ones I'm hoping to see the most.

July 25, 2018

There’s a ton of different things I’m stoked to experience with Marvel’s Spider-Man: web-slinging, off-the-walls combat, and the wholly original story. All of these aspects and many others have me literally counting down the days until its release. Of all the things I’m looking forward to with Marvel’s Spider-Man though, the one area of the game that I can’t stop hypothesizing about is in regards to the various suits that Peter will be able to wear while swinging through New York City.

As of this moment, we only know of a handful of the costumes that will be at our disposal within Marvel’s Spider-Man, but developer Insomniac Games has been teasing for quite some time that there will be a litany of outfits to wear. With this in mind, I’ve lately been mulling over just which of Spidey’s stylings I’d love to see.

Just like the number of legs on a spider, here are eight suits from the Web-Slinger’s history that I’m hoping to see appear in the Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Black Suit Spider-Man

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

This is probably the single most obvious one that I could put on this list, but I can’t help it — I adore the Black Suit design. When I first got into collecting The Amazing Spider-Man comics, the first series I purchased in its entirety was the Black Suit run lasting from Secret Wars #8 all the way through The Amazing Spider-Man #300. While my love for Venom and the other symbiotes have waned over the years, I still love whenever Spidey gets to don this garb.

Even though Insomniac’s Bryan Intihar has already stated that there will be no symbiotes in Marvel’s Spider-Man, I’m hoping that we can still at least see an appearance of the Black Suit. As we’ve seen in the comics before, Peter doesn’t always have to be inhabited by a symbiote to wear this suit, as he has been known to keep a spandex version of the costume just in case.

Six-Armed Spider-Man

After accidentally taking a serum that amplified his spider powers, Peter became even more spider-like and grew four new arms for a few brief issues in the comics. While the effects of the serum were short-lived and Peter eventually developed a formula that reversed the change, the six-armed Spider-Man is still one of the most aesthetically cool looks that Spidey has ever had.

I have my doubts though that this skin would actually appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man due to the fact that it’s less of a suit variant and is instead more of a complete physical overhaul to Spider-Man. When taking into account the extra animation work that Insomniac would have to do, I think this one’s really unlikely to appear in the game, but I’m holding out hope.

The Amazing Bag-Man

When Spider-Man learned that his Black Suit was an actual living organism, he went to the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards to get the symbiote analyzed. Without another costume to wear and still wanting to keep his secret identity intact, Spider-Man donned a spare Fantastic Four outfit and placed a paper bag over his head as a mask to use. And thus, perhaps the dumbest Spider-Man costume of all was born — The Amazing Bag-Man.

The Bag-Man suit is an outfit that many Spider-Man fans likely recognize, as it’s notorious for just how dorky it is. Its also appeared a handful of times in various Spider-Man games from the past. While I’d love for this suit to once again pop-up in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the fact that the Fantastic Four have already been confirmed to not be present in the game’s version of New York City probably makes it unlikely. Then again, they could always just remove the “4” from the costume and go with a generic blue colored uniform, and it’d basically be the same thing.

Spider-Man 2099

If you’ve played any Spider-Man games within the past decade, you’ve likely come across the sleek costume of Spider-Man 2099. Featured in both Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time, the futuristic look of Spidey features a snazzy looking web cape along with some sharp claws attached to the fingertips of the gloves.

Personally, I’ve never much cared for the stories of Spider-Man 2099, but I can’t deny that the suit alone has always been one of my favorites. As I already stated, considering Spider-Man 2099’s appearance in previous games make me think it’s pretty darn likely that the suit will once again come to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Then again, maybe Insomniac will opt to not include it just because it has been featured so heavily in the past.

The Superior Spider-Man

While not everyone I’ve talked to loves Superior Spider-Man, it’s one of my personal favorite runs of the past few years and, more than anything, had one of my favorite suit designs. When Doctor Octopus took over Peter Parker’s body and life as Spider-Man, he didn’t just make his own visual changes to the suit, he added a variety of new gadgets. Much like the Iron Spider suit, the Superior Spider-Man suit contained a set of mechanical arms along with new goggles and a set of talons, much like Spider-Man 2099.

What I love most about the suit though is the simple change of replacing black with blue in the costume’s design. It’s not a major modification, but it makes this outfit specifically look so much more menacing and fearsome. Even if this suit doesn’t end up featuring the extra mechanical arms, I hope it makes its way into Marvel’s Spider-Man purely for its sleek design.


Born as a spider that was then turned into a pig, Peter Porker, otherwise known as the Spectacular Spider-Ham, is by far one of the goofiest versions of Spider-Man that has ever existed. Spider-Ham has long been a fan-favorite variation of Spidey for obvious reasons: I mean, just look at how ridiculous he is.

Even though I’m sure Insomniac gave thought to putting Spider-Ham in Marvel’s Spider-Man, I’d honestly be shocked if he appeared as an alternate costume. Spider-Ham’s smaller size would mean that they’d likely have to adjust too many chatracter attributes just to get this swine in the game. That said, they could just create a version of Spider-Ham that is the same size as the standard character model. On second thought, a full-grown man-pig is kind of creepy. Maybe don’t do that, Insomniac.

Scarlet Spider

Later on in the original run of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker hung up the webs and left the Spider-Man duties to one Ben Reilly — otherwise known as Scarlet Spider. While Scarlet Spider ended up wearing a variant of the original Spider suit when taking over for Peter, it’s his character’s debut costume featuring a blue hoodie that I have always loved the most.

The Scarlet Spider outfit is probably one of the most famous variant costumes in Spider-Man history, and I could absolutely see Insomniac bringing it into Marvel’s Spider-Man. My only reservation with this suit being added is that Insomniac has previously teased that they’ll be adding the “homemade costume” that Peter wore in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which also features a hoodie similar to the Scarlet Spider. Because of the similarities between the two, I could see Insomniac opting to just add one or the other, but I’m hoping they’ll end up adding both just for the heck of it. More than anything though, please just keep anything remotely related to the Clone Saga out of this game. Please, Insomniac.

Cosmic Spider-Man

As cool as Spider-Man is, he’s almost never considered being one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe. That is, excluding that time he became the most powerful being in existence, thanks to a little something called the Uni-Power.

For a brief moment in time, Spider-Man gained abilities far beyond his own and became Cosmic Spider-Man. Endowed with these new powers, Spider-Man was literally able to manipulate matter and the world around him. In the process, he also gained a pretty dope new costume that is much shinier than anything else he’s worn before. To this day, Cosmic Spider-Man is still one of the character’s more recognizable getups and I could absolutely see it making its way into Marvel’s Spider-Man.

These are just a handful of the costumes that I am crossing my fingers for and hoping we see when Marvel’s Spider-Man releases. Be sure to let me know which outfits I may have missed out on mentioning in the comments below.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is slated to launch in a few short weeks on September 7, exclusively for the PS4. Right now, you can head over to Amazon to pre-order your own copy of the game to ensure you get the Iron Spider, Punk Spider-Man, and Velocity Suit outfits on launch day.

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