You’ll Be Pleased to Hear that The Amazing Spider-Man Suit is Not Coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man

You’ll Be Pleased to Hear that The Amazing Spider-Man Suit is Not Coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac confirmed that suit from the The Amazing Spider-Man films is not coming to Marvel's Spider-Man and nothing of value was lost.

After launching the Sam Raimi suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man for free earlier today, Insomniac Games has been having other users asking for The Amazing Spider-Man suit to be added; that being said, I’m not quite sure why. Those movies were bad and the suit design in them wasn’t very good.

Fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man had been asking for the Sam Raimi suit for a while, and received some backlash after it was not included in the last batch of DLC costumes. Of course, Insomniac Games had actually been working for months on the Webbed Suit but were unable to say anything publicly until the reveal today.

One Twitter user, Matthew Ramage replied to Insomniac Games’ Community Manager James Stevenson’s Tweet asking if they were planning to bring The Amazing Spider-Man suit to Marvel’s Spider-Man with: “Now the crying brats got what they wanted, will you be releasing TASM suits?”

Stevenson replied with a sharp, thought-provoking statement that confirms that The Amazing Spider-Man suit will not be added. Here it is:

While it’s possible that this suit is just not allowed to be publicly discussed yet, the fact that James Stevenson said “no” outright means the suit’s chances of getting in are very slim. Let’s hope there isn’t another wave of people pestering the developers for this suit. As I mentioned, why you’d want the suit from those Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 films and games is beyond me. At least the Sam Raimi suit looks good.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been confirmed to be the fastest selling superhero game of all time. The game topped the PS4 digital downloads back in September and you can grab the PS4 exclusive from Amazon if the Raimi suit makes you want to pick it up.

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