Marvel’s Spider-Man’s New York City Looks Glorious in Massive Panorama Screenshots

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s New York City Looks Glorious in Massive Panorama Screenshots

Enjoy the beauty of Marvel's Spider-Man's open-world Manhattan with eight huge panorama screenshots; Peter Parker could have totally snapped those himself.

The artists at Insomniac Games did an amazing job in creating a believable New York City to serve as a superhero playground in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Yet, normal screenshots might not do it justice, as 16:9 aspect ratio doesn’t convey the majestic scope of the game’s Manhattan.

So we took upon ourselves to create a few panorama screenshots. The game’s awesome photo mode doesn’t let you do this on its own, but it certainly helps by letting you hide Spider-Man himself. The way the images were achieved is by taking many overlapping screenshots with a rotating perspective, and then splicing them together, pretty much like many smartphone cameras can do automatically nowadays.

After all, Peter Parker uses his smartphone a lot to take pictures, so he could have very well done these himself.

You can check them all out below (click on each to see them at full resolution), and share a thought for the artists that painstakingly worked on each building and tree.

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The game is available right now exclusively for PS4. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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