Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Photo Mode Is Awesome: Watch it in Action and Screenshots Aplenty

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Photo Mode Is Awesome: Watch it in Action and Screenshots Aplenty

The day one patch of Marvel's Spider-Man adds the game's photo mode among other things, and it's a really amazing feature.

One of the most relevant additions of the day one patch that was released by Sony for Marvel’s Spider-Man is its Photo Mode.

The mode comes with some interesting features, including a selfie camera that lets you change Spider-Man’s expression, and plenty of filters, stickers, and frames.

Considering that the game is very dynamic in its animations, it’s very, very difficult to take good pictures without the help of the photo mode. In fact, I struggled quite a bit to take some of the action screenies in my review, when the photo mode was not implemented just yet.

To show you how the photo mode works, I captured a video of all the options available and took a lot of screenshots with the feature. I kept the use of frames, filters, and stickers to a minimum, as I’m sure you prefer to enjoy the visuals of the game unfiltered. One thing is for sure: Marvel’s Spider-Man looks amazing, and the photo mode is a feature I can see many getting lost into for hours on end.

In particular, I encourage you to notice the incredible details of Spider-Man’s suit. It’s pretty crazy, and it’s funny to think that someone actually believed it was downgraded. Keep in mind that only the Advanced suit is portrayed here to avoid spoilers. The game includes 27 suits in a wide variety of materials featuring different effects.

If you want to see more about the game, you can enjoy a recent trailer featuring Black Cat and another featuring the photo mode, which will be added with the day-one patch. Of course, you should also read my brand new review, and twenty spoiler-free tips that will help you get started with the game.

The game releases tomorrow, September 7th exclusively for PS4. You can pre-order it on Amazon.

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