Insomniac: Spider-Man Will Improve Further Before Release; Looks “Fantastic” on Both PS4 Pro and PS4

Insomniac: Spider-Man Will Improve Further Before Release; Looks “Fantastic” on Both PS4 Pro and PS4

Spider-Man's Creative Director talks more about the upcoming game, which looks great on both PS4 Pro and standard PS4.

During the PlayStation Live broadcast from the show floor at E3 2017, Spider-Man Creative Director Bryan Intihar talked more about the game.


Intihar mentioned that while Insomniac is showing the game at E3 in 4K running on PS4 Pro, he personally plays the game at his desk on his regular PS4, and it plays and looks great. He feels that both versions look fantastic.

He also explained that there are two factors driving Insomiac Games while creating this gaame. One is that everybody loves Spider-man, so the team wants to respect that tradition and DNA, but they also want to surprise people.

On top of that, the team feels that the best stories in the franchise are when Peter Parker’s world and Spider-Man’s worlds collide. That’s visible when he recognizes Martin Li in the trailer we saw yesterday. That’s something that drives the whole experience and “will make a great story at the end of the day.”

Martin Li (Mister Negative) has a very big part in the game, and there is a very big cast, including several new characters. Intihar explained that Insomniac just scratched the surface of showing the story. There are “a lot of things going on.”


From now to release the team will be working on building the world, the missions, the story and injecting the feedback from this latest reveal into the game. They know how important this character is,and they feel a lot of responsibility to make the game as good as people want it to be.

We also hear that they do a lot of iteration, “redoing stuff” over and over until they are sure that it’s great. Intihar feels that the difference between last year’s trailer and the latest one is visible. There are improvement across the board and this will continue as development goes on.

For those who were confused by yesterday’s appearance of Miles Morales, Intihar also wanted to clarify that the one in the suit during the demo is Peter Parker.

If you want to hear more details from Intihar, you can read our article from yesterday, and you can also check out some really lovely screenshots.