Spider-Man PS4 Might Be One of the Free Games on PS Plus in June

According to the official PlayStation Store UK page, Marvel's Spider-Man will be available for free for PS Plus subscribers next month.

May 25, 2020

Sony has recently confirmed that it’s going to unveil a big line-up of games for PS5 soon. While the company didn’t reveal when it’s going to happen, a lot of rumors are hinting at earlier days of June as the time for Sony’s first official next-gen showcase, after revealing PS5’s hardware during a GDC presentation. Obviously, such a huge event is going to have a lot of surprises, and giving away Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS Plus subscribers might be only one of them.

According to GamingRoute, if you attempt to buy Marvel’s Spider-Man from PlayStation’s UK store, a window appears on the screen, asking whether you want to buy the standard edition or you prefer the Game of the Year edition with all the DLCs. And here comes the interesting part: below the image of the standard edition you can see a PS Plus icon, which indicates that the game is available for free via PS Plus subscription, though we know that it isn’t.


While it’s on you to accept or reject it as a tease for the addition of Marvel’s Spider-Man to PlayStation Plus’s free games in June, there are some reasons to take it seriously and some reasons to take it with a grain of salt. First things first, Sony added the game to its PS Now library just a few weeks ago, so it doesn’t seem quite reasonable to give it away as a PS Plus deal as of next week.

That being said, if you take a look back at Microsoft’s latest Inside Xbox episode, the company added Red Dead Redemption 2 to the Xbox Game Pass library the same day it premiered the show. So, Sony might be doing the same thing by offering Marvel’s Spider-Man for free just a few days before its upcoming event. Also, the company will be offering PS Plus subscription with a 30% discount as part of their Days of Play deals in June, which could bring a lot of new users to the service if Sony decides to giveaway Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS Plus next month.

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