Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Story Is Being Relentlessly Spoiled by YouTubers, and It Isn’t the First Time

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Story Is Being Relentlessly Spoiled by YouTubers, and It Isn’t the First Time

If you want to avoid spoilers related to the ending of Marvel's Spider-Man, you should be very cautious on YouTube, and it may not be enough.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has several plot points that Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment made great efforts to keep under wraps not to spoil the surprise for the fans.

For example, the documentation sent to reviewers had a rather long list of moments that we were strictly forbidden to mention, for good reason.

Yet, many fans of the game and of Spider-Man‘s stories are being exposed to massive story spoilers without any warning or any chance to avoid them, unless they opt to steer completely clear of YouTube.

Many YouTubers (not all of them, mind you, there are several who are treating the issue with due sensibility) are posting clips of the game with titles and thumbnails that include giant spoilers about the game’s ending, the final villain, the outcomes for multiple relevant characters, and more.

Almost never those clips include spoiler warnings, not that it would help, because often when you see the thumbnail or read the title, it’s already too late.

You can find a couple of telling examples here, and here. Do NOT click on these links if you haven’t finished the game. You will be instantly exposed to major spoilers. Do keep in mind that those are just examples, there are hundreds on YouTube, and they’re just as damaging and often unavoidable.

They will pop on your screen without warning if you search for “Spider-Man” or related keywords, if you’re by chance subscribed to one of the channels involved, or even without any action on your part, in the recommended videos box.

These aren’t the only kind you should be careful about: multiple videos showcasing the location of a particular trophy (which in itself is not a spoiler, as it relates to common knowledge events that happen before the game) were shot during the post-game, slapping another massive story spoiler right in the face of the viewer who came in expecting to see something entirely innocuous. Again, here and here you can find a pair of examples, and again, Do NOT click on these links if you haven’t finished the game.

It’s worth mentioning once more that not all YouTubers are doing this, but many certainly don’t seem to mind ruining many gamers’ experience with this massively anticipated title before they actually get to play the story themselves. It’s quite possible that some don’t even realize the gravity of the issue.

Of course, this is not the first time it happens. We saw it in the past with basically every popular story-driven game that has plot points to spoil. One major case in the past few months was Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica Studios’ God of War. Tons of clips featuring major spoilers hit YouTube as soon as the game launched, and some even before, since channel owners were provided review copies.

Whether there is a solution to this or not, I honestly don’t know. YouTube could implement a “spoiler” flag for its videos, but I’m not confident that many channel owners would use it, as it would negatively influence their visibility, and with it their revenue.

Users can report videos for a variety of reasons, but currently, there is no way to flag a clip for spoilers with no warning, and maybe there should be. YouTube could implement the system so that clips with a high number of reports would at least disappear from the recommended videos box, somehow mitigating the issue.


At the moment, if you have not yet finished Marvel’s Spider-man, you have one way to be relatively safe, and that’s staying away from YouTube, or at least keeping your eyes strictly off the recommended videos box.

If you want to learn more about the game, you should read my recent review, my personal twenty tips for combat, traversal, and more, and my article on photo mode. You certainly won’t find spoilers in any of those.

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Marvel’s Spider-man is available right now exclusively for PS4. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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