New Marvel’s Spider-Man Video Is All About its Amazing Combat

New Marvel’s Spider-Man Video Is All About its Amazing Combat

A new video of Marvel's Spider-Man explains how Insomniac Games approached the design of the game's super-fun combat system.

As I mentioned in my recent review, swinging may be the king of Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man, but combat is certainly the queen, and it’s awesome. 

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment released a brand new video of the game, in which the development team explains how combat was created, and the importance of freedom, environmental interaction, and gadgets. It’s a great mix of systems that make you feel really in control, unless you button mash, in which case, you’re probably already dead.

If you want to see more about the game, you can enjoy the launch trailer and the reveal of the first DLC suit, and the reveal The Black Cat’s suit and actress. You can also check out how PlayStation Italy sank a bus into a lake to promote the game’s launch.

Of course, you should not forget to read my brand new review, my personal twenty tips for combat, traversal, and more, and my article showing the fantastic photo mode in action.

The game is available right now exclusively for PS4. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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