Marvel’s Spider-Man Looks Amazing in New Screenshots from PS4 Pro

Marvel’s Spider-Man Looks Amazing in New Screenshots from PS4 Pro

Sony Interactive Entertainment shows off Marvel's Spider-man's amazing visuals in a new batch of screenshots showing Spidey doing what he does best.

Following the announcement of the release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Sony Interactive Entertainment opened pre-orders on the North American PlayStation Store, and the pre-order pages came with a small batch of new screenshots.

The images, that mention explicitly that they have been shot on PS4 Pro, look absolutely amazing, showing Spidey as he takes a selfie, swings around in Manhattan, and drops some heavy stuff on some baddies, because Spider-Man doesn’t kill, but he can certainly hurt when you piss him off.

We could say that’s an “Amazing Spider-Man“…  pun entirely intended.

Digital pre-orders are currently available on the PlayStation Store for the standard edition and for the digital deluxe edition.

You can check out the screenshots below, and if you want to hear more, you can read some information shared recently by the game’s Art Director. You can also watch a recent video showcasing the vision the developers applied to the game.

Marvel’s Spider-man releases on September 7th, exclusively for PS4. You can also currently pre-order the game on Amazon.

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