Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Hands-On Impressions

By François Chang

August 19, 2010

As you all may already know, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a game developed by Beenox that takes place in four different Spider-Man universes. These four universes include the Amazing, Noir, 2099 and Ultimate universe. They are all based on the comic book series of each respective universe, and having four different worlds is almost like having four different games in one. I got a chance to sit down and play the 2099 and Ultimate universe, and I would like to share with you all my experience playing Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

Each universe has a different style of play, and the 2099 universe was all about speed. I started off my 2099 experience free falling and chasing after the Hobgoblin of the future. Everything in this universe was real high energy, full of flashing lights and shiny stuff. The 2099 Spider-Man has the ability to slow everything in his surroundings down. This of course proved helpful because of how fast everything moves in 2099 (apparently). After dodging all the obstacles in slow-motion, I eventually sped up to Hobgoblin enough times to reach the floor and begin actually exploring the 2099 universe. Did I say floor? I meant the rooftops of very high buildings. This is also when I learned that New York was now ‘Nueva York.’ I know there’s a racist joke in there somewhere, but I just can’t think of one at the moment. Mid-air combos and fast-paced fighting consumed most of the on-screen battles with the regular baddies, and my second battle with 2099 Hobgoblin was nothing more than using the accelerated vision to slow everything down, counter his bombs and throw them right back at him. Very easy stuff.

That was where my visit to 2099 ended. I also got to try out the Ultimate universe, and this universe had a totally different look. Not only were the environments different, but the whole art style. This world was cel-shaded and very colorful. The controls work almost the same as the 2099 universe but with a few tweaks. The button that was used to slow everything down pressed in this world put Spider-Man into raging beast mode! The combos were not as aerial as 2099 Spider-Man’s, but they sure were much more brute and powerful. You saw the symbiote practically leaping off of his suit. Carnage eventually appeared as one of the main antagonist of this world, and to start off the encounter, he scares the crap out of you. He jumps on Spider-Man and this begins a first-person, Punch-Out type of sequence. The two joysticks took care of him swiftly and this ended my trip in the Ultimate universe.

Playing two of the four worlds proved to me that all the worlds are very diverse. I have seen the Amazing and Noir universe gameplay (YouTubed it), and those further proved to me that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions truly has four DIFFERENT universes. The controls in every universe is also very intuitive. I found myself falling off the edge of the building, but because I had been webslinging for quite some time by this point, I knew to swiftly press that same button to save myself. Therefore the controls are different, but similar enough to not have the frustration of learning how to play four different games. I cannot wait to pick up this title up when it releases. In my opinion, this could be in the running for best super hero game.

Title: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Developer / Publisher: Beenox, Activision

Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, Nintendo DS

Release: September 2010

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