Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Silver Lining Trailer Sees Silver Sable Returning with a Vengeance

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Silver Lining Trailer Sees Silver Sable Returning with a Vengeance

Spidey's caught up in another mess in the upcoming DLC pack Silver Lining which features the return of Silver Sable and Hammerhead.

It seems that there’s just no such thing as a quiet day in New York City, and one person who knows that better than anyone is Spider-Man. For all the good he has done for his hometown throughout the core game, he still winds up on Silver Sable’s bad side in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s upcoming DLC pack, Silver Lining.

Having already played a prominent role in Marvel’s Spider-Man by implementing extreme security measures throughout the city, Silver Sable in now back in New York and is blaming Spider-Man for everything that has happened in her absence. A lot of her tech and weaponry was stolen in the recent Turf Wars DLC pack by classic villain Hammerhead. Of course, given how comic book logic works, Sable sees this as Spidey’s fault too.

The teaser trailer, which can be seen below, shows an incredibly aggravated Silver Sable taking her anger out on Spider-Man as she chases him across the city from the cockpit of a high tech jet. We also get a glimpse of Hammerhead’s return as he bounds into the fight while wearing a super-suit that’s clearly created from Sable’s technology.

The Silver Lining DLC pack is due to launch on December 21, 2018. It can be purchased individually or as part of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s season pass entitled The City That Never Sleeps which also includes Turf Wars and The Heist.

The critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. If you haven’t played this superhero masterpiece yet, you can pick up a copy via Amazon.


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