Marvel’s Spider-Man Finally Gets to Be Spider-Cop in This One of a Kind Cosplay

Marvel’s Spider-Man Finally Gets to Be Spider-Cop in This One of a Kind Cosplay

Cosplayer Jake Moore brings to life Spider-Man's wonderful, yet annoying alter-ego Spider-Cop in all it's glory

If you’ve played Marvel’s Spider-Man which was released in September last year by Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment, you’ll remember the humorous banter that takes place between Yuri Watanabe and Spider-Man during their many phone conversations – often followed by long sighs and possible eye-rolls from Yuri.

Through-out the gameplay Peter Parker would often go into light-hearted chitchat with NYPD captain Yuri – often lifting the mood with his fan fiction about himself that transformed into “Spider-Cop”  where he would narrate his own adventures in a third person Spider-Cop voice, much to the dismay of Yuri who had to put up with the annoyance of it.

Although Spider-Cop didn’t get much exposure in Marvel’s Spider-Man other than Peters silly quips, one cosplayer wanted the chance to bring Spider-Cop to the real world in an amazing “tough but lovable, grizzled, seen-too-much detective” tribute.

The man behind the suit is cosplayer Jake Moore who loves nothing more than dressing up as his favorite Marvel character and looking at his Instagram, Spider-Man isn’t his only skill. Scrolling through you can see countless Spider-Man cosplaying action happening, as well as Power Rangers, Robin from Young Justice, The Flash and well, he really likes Spider-Man A LOT!

Recently, we witnessed a mash-up of Persona 5 and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in a spectacular fan-made concept art and then 24 players recreating the Post Malone’s song off of the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse original soundtrack onto a Fortnite Piano – It seems everyone wants a piece of the spidey-action.

With plenty of DLC’s making their way to the title and Bryan Intihar, the creative director at Insomniac Games who worked on Marvel’sSpider-Man, tweeting out that he had started working on story drafts for “something” that could very well be a Spider-Man 2 – I think it will be a while before we stop talking about Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available exclusively on PlayStation 4. It’s never too late to play, so if you haven’t yet – you can web-swing yourself to Amazon and grab yourself a copy.

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