Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Release Date Revealed In-Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Release Date Revealed In-Game

Thanks to a Patch 1.10, the release date for the next bit of DLC has been confirmed.

Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s next DLC, “Turf Wars” will be out on November 20. This was revealed through Patch 1.10, which went live yesterday. Players noticed a small prompt on the main menu that gave away the new release date.

The prompt also includes a brief description of what players can expect in the middling chapter of the DLC story. The prompt reads as follows:

“Butt heads with Hammerhead in the new DLC, The City That Never Sleeps: Turf Wars. Available November 20 in the PlayStation Store.”

According to a reddit post by user macredblue the DLC will be approximately 5 GB. That is double the size of the first chapter of DLC The Heist, which came in at 2.2 GB. The release date is just shy of one month apart from The Heist. The last chapter of DLC, Silver Lining, is due sometime in December 2018. If Insomniac stays consistent, the final chapter may launch sometime in the latter half of December.

When The Heist came out last month, it left us wanting more. Black Cat became a great addition to the game after her proper introduction, and I’m personally excited to see how the next leg of The City That Never Sleeps pans out for everyone’s favorite web head.

Each episode of DLC costs $9.99 individually. Players can purchase the entire set in The City That Never Sleeps for a slightly discounted price of $24.99. If players bought the digital deluxe or collector’s editions, the DLC was included. If you still need to pick up the full game, Marvel’s Spider-Man can be purchased on Amazon. 

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