Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Trailer for Turf Wars DLC Features J. Jonah Jameson Running His Mouth Again

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Trailer for Turf Wars DLC Features J. Jonah Jameson Running His Mouth Again

J. Jonah, Jameson draws attention to Spider-Man's gadgets, outfits, and villains in the latest trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man's DLC pack, Turf Wars

Spider-Man is swinging back into action in the latest story-based DLC Turf Wars and that can only mean one thing; more J. Jonah Jameson!

Marvel’s Spider-Man landed on PlayStation 4 earlier this year to critical acclaim. While swinging through New York City and combating ruthless supervillains was the game’s main attractions, there were also podcasts from perpetually frustrated journalist J. Jonah Jameson called Just the Facts to be heard throughout the main campaign. The classic character is back in the latest trailer for Turf Wars to inform the player about what kind of trouble the city is in and to shine a light on this chapter’s story, enemies, and suits.

Turf Wars’ plotline revolves around classic Spidey villain Hammerhead who is causing chaos throughout the city. Using technology gained from Sable agents, Hammerhead’s mafia crew can be seen engaging in firefights against the authorities and holding Detective Yuriko Watanabe hostage.

Along with Hammerhead starring as the piece’s main villain, we’re also treated to a shot of Spider-Man battling against a wave of thugs while unwittingly participating in one of lesser criminal Screwball’s twisted games.

The trailer also showcases a number of costumes for Spider-Man including an armored black outfit, his classic Iron Spider suit, and one that features an eye-catching cartoon overtone.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. The Turf Wars DLC pack is also available now and can be purchased individually or as part of the title’s The City That Never Sleeps bundle which also includes the previously released The Heist and the upcoming Silver Lining chapters. The game can be purchased now on Amazon.

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