Spider-Man’s Story in Marvel’s Avengers Will Be Standalone

Spider-Man’s Story in Marvel’s Avengers Will Be Standalone

Two leads on Marvel's Avengers confirm that the story for 2021's Spider-Man DLC will be entirely standalone.

In an interview with Wccftech, developers of Marvel’s Avengers have confirmed that Spider-Man’s inclusion in the game will not interact with the main story in a significant way. His story DLC will be its own story entirely. As combat designer, Vince Napoli put it in the interview, Sony and Crystal Dynamics want the DLC to be seen as a “Cherry on top.”

The wallcrawler’s status as a PlayStation exclusive up to this point has been mired in controversy, even though we don’t even know a hard date for the DLC outside of “2021.” It couldn’t have been worse timing on Sony’s part to announce him as a platform exclusive character in the same breath as a multitude of other changes and other kinds of announcements that while not necessarily surprising, seemingly everyone but the staunchest Sony fans are calling anti-consumer.

In the interview, the devs not only make clear that Spider-Man will have a standalone story, but they also make it clear that his story will have little to no impact on the game’s overarching storyline, but they also detail the logistics behind why Spider-Man is exclusive to Sony platforms. While it’s already been hinted at by various people involved with the project, apparently the decision was entirely out of Crystal Dynamics’ and even Square Enix’s hands.

According to the interview with creative director, Shaun Escayg and combat designer, Vince Napoli, it was made clear pretty early on how and why Spider-Man was exclusive. While they were never quoted directly, the article says, “Immediately, they made it clear that the rules of the relationship between Marvel and Sony meant the Spider-Man exclusivity was completely out of the hands of Crystal Dynamics (and probably Square Enix too, for that matter).”

The PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man DLC has no details to speak of as of yet, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see Crystal Dynamics’ take on the world’s most popular superhero.