Spider-Woman Issue #13 Pokes Fun At That Controversial Cover

WARNING: Spoilers for Spider-Woman Issue #13 can be found in this article!

By Kyle Knight

July 22, 2021

Back in 2014, there was quite the scandal for a piece of cover art for Spider-Woman. The original piece of cover art for Spider-Woman was so controversial it actually required Marvel to publicly apologize for it.

Many fans may have moved on and forgotten about the sexualised piece of art, but Spider-Woman herself hasn’t forgotten about it. Issue #13 of Spider-Woman has taken a quick jab at the now seven-year-old controversy.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Launch Trailer I PS5, PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Launch Trailer I PS5, PS4

Original Spider-Woman Controversial Cover

The controversial cover in question was released back in 2014, and was actually a variant cover. This means that the cover wasn’t the original piece of art for Spider-Woman Issue #1, but was actually a ‘special’ cover that could be seen as a more limited edition version.

However, this risque piece became a limited edition for all the wrong reasons. In said piece of art (which we won’t be showing for obvious reasons), Spider-Woman can be seen in the typical Spider-Man style pose, arching her back on top of a building.

However, the artist behind this piece decided they were going to really show off Spider-Woman’s assets, so to speak. In the cover art, Spider-Woman’s butt is made to be the main point and is unnecessarily detailed. Something that likely wouldn’t be so detailed if it was a Spider-Man cover. Many even compared the image to Nicki Minaj in her music video to Anaconda.

The design choice was of course a strange one and overly sexualised Spider-Woman for no reason.

Italian cartoonist Milo Manara was the artist in question, a 75-year old who was well known for his erotic, adult style comics. Many fans were left puzzled as to why Marvel would hire Manara for a family-friendly comic book.

The controversial piece later went up for auction and became quite the talking point in the world of Marvel comics. Still to this day, it’s being referenced.

Spider-Woman Issue #13

In one of the latest issues of Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew is in hot pursuit of Bruiser. After the Marvel villain leaves a trail of destruction around the city, Spider-Woman can be seen chasing down Bruiser, as she speeds past a long-haired biker he comments “Damn, girl. That outfit makes your butt look…”. To which Spider-Woman replies “Lindsay? That you? Yeah! Just wanted to let you know I got settled in. Everything’s fine over here!”.

Image courtesy of ScreenRant

Some fans might have missed the reference, but it is of course making fun of the previous controversial cover that unnecessarily made Spider-Woman’s butt the focal point of the cover.

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