Spider-Man Fans Consider Boycotting PlayStation After Disney Deal Flops

Spider-Man Fans Consider Boycotting PlayStation After Disney Deal Flops

After Spider-Man leaves the MCU, fans threaten to sell their PlayStation 4 consoles to spite Sony.

It has been a crazy week for Spider-Man fans both inside and out of the video game industry. On Monday, Sony Interactive Entertainment unexpectedly announced the acquisition of Insomniac Games. The studio is known for developing the Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and Spider-Man franchises. This is the first major studio Sony has purchased since Sucker Punch Productions back in 2011. The following day, Deadline reported that the web-slinging hero would be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The decision was made because Disney and Sony could not come to terms on a new deal for the character.

Unsurprisingly, the news caused a storm of outcries across the internet which included protesting PlayStation. Even Tom Holland who plays the hero no longer follows Sony on Instagram. While these boycotts probably won’t amount to much as the PlayStation is already a highly successful console, it does show just how angered some fans are at Sony and Disney’s falling out over Spider-Man.

Since the original report, there have been numerous updates and corrections regarding the negotiations to the point where there’s no telling what is true or false. While it sucks that Disney and Sony could not come to an agreement I wouldn’t recommend selling your PlayStation 4 out of frustration. With Marvel’s Spider-Man being a PlayStation exclusive title it is interesting to see owners threatening to sell the sole platform that allows them to play the game and its likely sequel. We found Marvel’s Spider-Man to be a true homage to one of the most beloved characters of all time.”

You can currently purchase the game for a great price on Amazon. However, there have been sightings of a Game of the Year Edition on its way that includes the DLC. So if you are planning to pick it up anytime soon, maybe wait it out just a little longer to see if the rumor is real. That way you will be able to get everything it has to offer in one package.


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