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Marvel's Spider-Man Fans Are Having a Blast with the New Sam Raimi Suit

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 officially has the Raimi suit, and the gaming community is going wild with terrific memes, recreations, and videos.

It’s official: the iconic Raimi suit from the Spider-Man trilogy is available on PS4’s Marvel Spider-Man as a free holiday treat. Even better, the fanbase for the game is going wild — ushering in a golden era of videos, screenshots, and memes to celebrate the occasion.

First off, let’s jump into why the Raimi skin in Marvel’s Spider-Man is so important to the community. Since before the game even launched, fans of the game had been asking for the inclusion of Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man costume from the Sam Raimi trilogy — a series that has become exceptionally memeable though 2018. At some point there was a tactile shift in theory; no longer was the request a joke, it was a solid demand to Insomniac Games’ development teams by the community. Heck, in a blunt and unprecedented move, Insomniac shut down fan criticisms:

What we didn’t know was that Insomniac was working on the suit design the whole time, waiting for many sign-offs from Marvel, Disney, and other people in suits. So in a short week, the Marvel’s Spider-Man community saw a reversal that is really only fitting for the holiday season.

Now that the community has the Raimi suit what are they doing with it? Everything.

Just taking a quick glimpse of the dedicated SpidermanPS4 subreddit, we can see a range of memes, recreations, photos, and videos.

To start, we have one of the best edits I’ve ever seen, recreating one of the most iconic moments of the original movie:

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here, and it’s amazing (Unmute) from r/SpidermanPS4

However, even people without essential talent in video editing are getting in on the fun. For instance, you can see some of best moments of the original film. Whether we are talking the Mary Jane kiss or landing on a train, the community has it covered:

You have a train to catch from r/SpidermanPS4

A familiar scene from r/SpidermanPS4

This was as close as I could get. from r/SpidermanPS4

Others invested some time memeing away, taking digs at the more loud parts of the community who were aggressive with Insomniac.

Insomniac after adding the Raimi suit from r/SpidermanPS4

The guy running the insomniac twitter needs a vacation from r/SpidermanPS4

We miscalculated from r/SpidermanPS4

Other jokes were more light-hearted, chatting about how the community should be referring to the skin, giving a throwback to “Pizza Time,” or the infamous Spider-Man 3 dancing scene:

The true name for it. from r/SpidermanPS4

Pizza time 🍕 from r/SpidermanPS4

It was my dream… from r/SpidermanPS4

In fact, we also jumped in on the action, adding some of Danny Elfman’s original music from the first films into PS4 gameplay:

But the best thing about this is just the overwhelming spirit of positivity; even if the Raimi skin popularity was born to Marvel’s Spider-Man due to an overly-demanding minority, everyone is having fun with the suit now that it is there.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is exclusively available on PS4, though the Raimi suit is a free DLC. If you are looking to swing into one of the best PS4 games of 2018, you can grab a codefrom Amazon now.

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