Spike TV's Top 10 Enemies That Were Tougher Than Bosses

By Josh Wright

March 31, 2010

Every game has them. That one character that no matter how many times you try just can’t beat. And it kills gamers because these guys are supposed to walking stones to the big guys. Maybe the developer pumped up a couple of them, who knows. What gamers do know is that underestimating an opponent on a game can lead to many frustrating hours of trying to get by just one part of a game. Sometimes the enemies can be the terrain around you. Just quite can’t make that jump no matter how many times, oh wait, nope fell again. Well check out Spike TV’s Top Ten enemies who were tougher than bosses and see what you think!

10. Brute Chieftain from Halo 3


9. Alto Angelo from Devil May Cry 4

8. Regenerator from Resident Evil 4

7. REV6 Powered Armor from F.E.A.R.

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6. Rose the Spider Splicer from BioShock

5. Shambler from Quake

4. Deathclaw from Fallout 3

3. Archvile from Doom

2. Darknuts from Legend of Zelda

1. WarMech from Final Fantasy

So, there you have the top ten non-boss baddies of all time from Spike TV. Do you have a better candidate for a tougher opponent. Leave us a comment and tell us.

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