Spike VGA: Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Announced

on December 12, 2009 11:46 PM

The bitter sweet sounds of cracking skulls and laughter in Arkham Asylum will once again fill Batman’s pointy ears as he makes his way back into the crazy house where he provided more than enough beatings for both the  inmates and Joker.

The wondrous selling multiplatform title will be getting a well deserved sequel pretty soon. During the Spike VGAs, one of the first surprise announcements to grace our TV sets was the declaration that Batman: Arkham Assylum 2 will be making its way onto our next gen consoles. And, I mean, why not? The first game sold just as good  Columbian cocaine in 80’s Miami, and was both a visual and entertaining masterpiece.

Batman Arkham Asylum 2 will take place after the events of the first part, as revealed by Batman’s number one foe, Joker. With Rocksteady’s first take on the Batman franchise, the Batman name probably saw one of its biggest sales in its gaming history – and there were plenty of Batman games to go around, all of which sucked beyond belief.

Batman: Arkham Asylum did deliver one of the best action-adventure experiences this year. And by staying true to the comic’s roots, brought forth a nostalgic and unforgettable experience that we are certain the sequel will perpetuate. However, being that we’ve explored the majority of Arkham Asylum (if not the entire place), what different environments will the sequel introduce to supply us with doses of freshness. Oh, and we have some footage for those of you who missed it. Enjoy, bitches.

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