Spike VGA: Tron Evolution Will Arrive Holiday 2010

By Yaris Gutierrez

December 12, 2009

With the upcoming Tron movie Tron Legacy making its way onto the big screens next year, a new game will accompany it. Now, everyone knows that movies to games turn out to be pieces of shit. There’s no hiding that. Just about every movie to game that I’ve played has left me wanting to randomly beat a small creature. The Tron game that was just recently showed at the Spike VGAs, though, did look kind of pretty. Whether or not it’s going to suck has yet to be determined; but, from the looks of it, it aims to try to cater to some our gaming appetites.

Actress Olivia Wilde introduced the teaser trailer for the upcoming game Tron Evolution, which showed a bunch of neon dipped folks going at it, and some footage of the classic cycle races that we’ve seen before. The movie, Tron Legacy, will release December 18 of next year – Tron Evolution will release closely to the movie sometime during the same time frame. For those of you who don’t pay attention to the Tron series as much as I do – yes I am a nerd, the Tron Evolution game is looking to be a prequel to Legacy. And if the visuals suggest, sometime after the events of the first Tron, because, man, looking back at it now, Tron was sure as hell a stoner movie in many ways. Then again, a lot of movies in the 80’s were when you think about it.

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