Latest Spiritfarer Trailer Shows Off Charming Art Style and Gameplay

Spiritfarer continues to look like one of the must-play indies of 2020. Check out the latest gameplay footage from Thunder Lotus.

Spiritfarer is an upcoming management game with light platforming elements from the team at Thunder Lotus Games. It boasts a stunning, hand-drawn art style that oozes charm. Thunder Lotus has continuously given us great looks at the game in action. Today is no different as the latest trailer shows off some great-looking gameplay. Give it a watch below.

The new Spiritfarer trailer provides a better look at some of the non-management gameplay we can expect when the game releases. Early on, you see Stella, the character you play as, searching a map for areas to explore and loot. Presumably, some of these locations will also have new spirits for you to meet and get to know once they arrive on your ferry.

We also get a good look at Stella’s platforming skills. The trailer shows them using a leaf to soar on the wind, a nifty double jump, and some type of magical harness that lets you zip line across the world. It’s impossible to say how the controls feel without getting hands-on, but early reports from the beta seem positive.

Personally, I’m excited about Spiritfarer because I love management games, and getting build my own city-ferry sounds great. Plus, the team is putting in a co-op mode and I know my wife will love controlling Stella’s cat. She’d prefer a dog, but whatever. All of the footage Thunder Lotus has shown thus far makes it look like a game that you shouldn’t miss.

Spiritfarer releases later this year on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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