Spiritfarer Showcases Its Stunning Level Design With New Gameplay Trailer

Thunder Lotus Games' upcoming management sim about death, Spiritfarer, reveals more of its beautiful art through a new gameplay trailer.

May 27, 2020

Coming off Jotun and Sundered, developer Thunder Lotus Games have made a series of distinct indie games thanks to their striking art direction and unique gameplay elements. The studio’s upcoming title Spiritfarer especially seems like one of its most ambitious games yet, with a new gameplay trailer highlighting its gameplay and poignant story about death.

During the Wholesome Direct presentation, developer Thunder Lotus Games shared a new trailer for their upcoming title, Spiritfarer. The new minute-long trailer gives a closer look at the game, and especially highlights its stunning art style and level design, which takes players through serene, otherworldly locations. Specifically, the trailer showcases the game’s “dynamic” level design that seems responsive to the player’s actions in-game, and highlighting more of the game’s platforming elements in addition to its management sim gameplay.

Originally revealed at last year’s E3 2019, Spiritfarer is the third title from the Montreal-based Thunder Lotus Games, which was known for its previous titles Jotun and Sundered. As shown from the game’s first trailer, the core concept of Spiritfarer is that players take on the role of a ferrymaster named Stella, who helps bring deceased spirits on their journey to the afterlife. While the game addresses some heavy themes around death and the passing of loved ones, Thunder Lotus seems to be taking a very optimistic and uplifting take on these themes with its hand-drawn artwork and emotional story.

In addition to the new trailer, Thunder Lotus Games also confirmed that the studio will be participating in the upcoming Steam Game Festival – Summer Edition by hosting an AMA with the game’s development team. During the AMA, the studio will share new details on the upcoming title and answer fan questions on what to expect from Spiritfarer.

Spiritfarer will release for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year.

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