SpiritSphere is Zelda Meets Windjammers; Launches January 24th

SpiritSphere is Zelda Meets Windjammers; Launches January 24th

Developer Eendhoorn Games has announced that its Zelda and Windjammers inspired local multiplayer game, SpirtSphere, is set to launch for PC on January 24, 2017. Additionally, a new “release” trailer was also dished out to celebrate the announcement.

SpiritSphere is a competitive local multiplayer (there is no online multiplayer) game that — as mentioned above — draws deep from the inspiration well of games like Windjammers and Zelda by mashing the two together and creating an air hockey-type game.

The game features one-versus-one battles that require quick reactions and reflexes, as well as a bit of wit and strategy. According to Eendhorn, the game is easy to pick up, but difficult to master, like any great multiplayer game.

When you play, you will have the choice between seven different characters, all with unique abilities, and eight different stages set in a classic 8-bit RPG-looking world. The gameplay also contains a variety of power ups and spheres (balls) that have a distinct impact on gameplay, as well as add depth to the gameplay.

As you can see, the game boasts an 8-bit art style that sticks closely to the NES color palette and associated restrictions.

SpirtSphere has been in Steam Early Access since July of 2016, where it has garnered positive user reviews. It will cost $7.99 USD, however, a Steam launch discount will allow you to pick it up for $4.79 USD during its launch window. Below, you can watch the newest trailer: