Splash Damage: “PS3 Was Alien Technology”

If any of you read that title and skipped a heart beat thinking “uh oh”, I’m with you. Splash Damage is the developer of the highly anticipated shooter, Brink, that is available right now! The fact that they expressed their first time with the PS3 as “alien” isn’t usually a good sign; especially on a ported title. We can only hope that the PS3 side of Brink isn’t completely broken, though I doubt it will be. The specifics occurred in an interview with Splash Damage and vgn365 where the Brink developer stated plainly, “The PlayStation 3, for us, was just alien technology.” They then went on to describe the PC’s ease of working on and how it’s similar to a 360.

Now I’m sure some of you are saying you’re not even going to get Brink because of the PSN situation and mix that in with this news…forget it! It is true that the PS3 may not see many Brink titles sold for the system but not everyone has both the PS3 and 360. So for those people, why would you go and buy a new system for 250 some-odd dollars? Second, if the game turns out to be crappy on the PS3 side of things, future patches/fixes could fix that. Just don’t count out Brink completely for the PS3!

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Kyle Durant

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