Splash Damage CEO Would Love Brink Sequels

By Kyle Durant

May 2, 2011

Brink is one of those games that is said to revolutionize the shooter genre with its Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain (SMART) system but based on that statements track record, you won’t blame me for not believing that. However, Brink developer, Splash Damage’s CEO, Paul Wedgwood, would love a series of sequels for Brink to come to fruition. That’s right sequels with an “S”. In an interview with CVG, Mr. Wedgewood doesn’t reference the fact that there will definitely be sequels but only expresses his “love” for the possibility. Of course the sales of any game will have a direct impact on future installments.

“I would always love to do Brink stuff, we absolutely love the game to bits, no doubt, no doubt at all. We’re just not ready to talk about anything else at the moment.”

So fans, we get that typical runaround where they tease us with a carrot on a stick and continue to push it forward. I believe though it will be safe to say that if Brink sells above expectations, we’ll definitely be seeing at least one Brink sequel. I just wish that sometimes developers would tell us if there will be a sequel or not and/or what factors affect it. Be sure to pick up Brink when it releases on May 10th for the PS3, 360, and PC.

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