Splash Damage Partners With Nexon America To Bring Free to Play Shooter Dirty Bomb--Now Extraction--To The Masses

Splash Damage, the developers behind Batman: Arkham Origins‘ multiplayer component and Brink, have just announced via their blog a partnership with Nexon America, and have changed their upcoming multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb to Extraction.

With Extraction an on-going free-to-play shooter, Splash Damage partnered with Nexon America for their “staggering experience” in “designing, developing, running, and supporting free-to-pay games” with a “vast infrastructure” necessary for taking on Extraction‘s scope. The game will take place in an abandoned London, one that has been mysteriously attacked by a dirty bomb (radiological weapon), and has mercenaries being paid to extract the secrets left behind: hence the two titles chosen for the project.

Splash Damage promises Extraction will not be pay-to-win, and will retain complete creative control over the game. As quoted from their post:

We’ve always believed that multiplayer battles should be won through superior skill, and not the amount of money spent. You need to always be able to understand why you won or lost, with a welcoming community helping you improve your game and become a better player. That’s what Extraction is for us, and Nexon is backing this vision all the way.

Check out the world of Extraction in our gallery below, and if you’re near PAX Seattle later this month, check out the game at the Nexon booth, where members of Splash Damage will be on-hand to talk about the game. You can also find more information on the Extraction teaser website.

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