Splatoon 2 Version 4.2.0 to Include Final Salmon Run Stage, and Literally a Giant Rubber Stamp

Splatoon 2 Version 4.2.0 to Include Final Salmon Run Stage, and Literally a Giant Rubber Stamp

The final new Salmon Run stage will be a part of Splatoon 2's Ver. 4.2.0 update, along with some new weapons that include the Ultra Stamp.

Players of Splatoon 2 are used to unconventional weapons at this point in the game’s lifecycle (see: an umbrella), but a new weapon to be included in the game’s somewhat appropriately named Ver. 4.2.0 update looks to be the most cartoonish ability that Splatoon has to offer. Called the “Ultra Stamp,” this special weapon is, well, a giant stamp.

Special weapons in Splatoon are basically an “ultimate move,” and the Ultra Stamp will let players obliterate anyone in front of them while remaining vulnerable from behind. It is one of several new additions coming through Wednesday’s update, which includes a new Torpedo sub-weapon, new Kensa Collection weapons, and a Salmon Run stage.

The stage, which is confirmed to be the final new Salmon Run stage, is called the “Ruins of Ark Polaris.” With a number of ziplines converging onto a central point of the stage, mobility appears to be key here. Previously, the Ver. 4.1 update added the game’s final standard multiplayer map.

That may be pretty much it in terms of large content additions to Splatoon 2, but there is always room for more weapons and items. Hopefully, Splatfests will last even longer, with the latest Halloween-themed event wrapping up recently. Check out the official Tumblr posts from Nintendo detailing the upcoming Splatoon 2 update, which will release tomorrow, November 6—the official blog appears to erroneously state that November 6 is on Wednesday.