Splatoon 2’s Final Splatfest Begins July 18

Splatoon 2’s Final Splatfest Begins July 18

Splatoon 2's Final Splatfest will let you side with Chaos or Order. Details on the upcoming update 5.0 also revealed.

All good things must come to an end. Announced at the end of the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019, the game’s final Splatfest will begin on July 18 at 5 am PT and end on July 21.

Previous Splatfests mostly centered around more light-hearted subjects. From Mayo vs. Ketchup to Retro vs. Modern, Splatoon 2 players from around the world would go to Inkopolis to choose a side to represent and fight for that side’s victory. However, this time around, the subject matter is a bit more serious. You will either choose to join Pearl’s Team Chaos or Marina’s Team Order.

Anyone who participates in the Final Splatfest will get some special themed gear depending on the side you choose. Team Chaos is sporting some punkish flair with a mohawk helmet and a weird head skeleton. You know, because punks like skulls. Team Order flaunts a cleaner, futuristic look for their themed attire. Regardless of what team you choose, you’ll be looking fresh.

It was also announced that Splatoon 2‘s 5.0 update will be available in late July, after the Final Splatfest. The upcoming update will add a “Turf War (Splatfest)” option in Private Battle. This will allow players to play Turf War on one of the 24 Shifty Stations maps along with their nighttime versions.

If you want to get in on all the slimy competitive fun, Splatoon 2 is available right now for Nintendo Switch right now.