Splatoon 2 Frosty Fest Results Prove That Friends Are Better Than Family

Splatoon 2 Frosty Fest Results Prove That Friends Are Better Than Family

In the Christmas/New Year/holidays-themed Splatfest for Splatoon 2, Team Friends triumphed over Team Family.

For Splatoon 2 players, ‘twas the season to think back at who you love the most: your friends or your family. The bitter contest amongst the regular holiday cheer was the centerpiece of Frosty Fest, a Splatfest that pitted Team Friends and Team Family—the results are in, and Team Friends takes the victory.

Sure, Team Family may have won the popular vote, but where it really matters is in the actual Turf Wars. Judging from the results, it looks like those who would rather spend their Christmas or other holidays with friends over their own blood have a better aptitude for splatting.

Players can pick up their Super Sea Snails in the Inkopolis lobby for weapon slots and such. If you haven’t already, the Nintendo Switch News Channel will allow you to grab some New Year’s cosmetic items to celebrate 2019. In terms of major content updates and additions, Splatoon 2 has essentially wrapped up.

I personally went Team Friends (sorry, fam), but it’s a very situational thing for me. I celebrate Christmas, and it’s the opportune time to catch up with family—but I, as well as many friends I spoke to during that time, found family to be quite stressful during the holidays.

New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, is one to be enjoyed more with friends than with family. I don’t know about how you all celebrate Christmas and other holidays, but New Year’s is more of a wacky and wild event in comparison.

While I will miss major content updates for Splatoon 2, I hope for more fun Splatfests to have us contemplate on and totally divide us on the most asinine things ever.