Splatoon 2 Gets a New Weapon with an Unique Twist

Splatoon 2 Gets a New Weapon with an Unique Twist

Get ready to paint your surroundings in a new way in Splatoon 2 with the Splat Brella.

Nintendo keeps rolling out fresh content for Splatoon 2 with the latest addition being a new weapon shaped like an umbrella, aptly titled the Splat Brella which is available now.

As is the case with all Splatoon 2’s weapon DLC, the Splat Brella is being made available free of charge to all players. You will need to level up your Squid Kid to level nine and spend 8,300 coins to acquire it.

The Splat Brella is an umbrella that doubles as both an offensive and defensive weapon. What’s notable about this weapon is that it’s in an entirely new class compared to the other weapons. Players can use it to fire ink like a standard shooter, but holding the ZR button will open the umbrella and shield players from incoming fire. Hold the button long enough and you’ll fire the shield, which will block attacks as it travels.

Like all weapons in Splatoon 2, the Splat Brella will have a pre-set loadout. Your special ability will be the Ink Storm which creates a cloud on the map that slowly rains down ink. Your subweapon will be the Sprinkler Grenade which drops onto the ground and sprays ink in a mist.

A similar weapon called the Hero Brella is available through the single player mode but it has not been made available for multiplayer yet. It features the same special abilities as the Splat Brella.

Splatoon 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch and the first major Splatfest results have recently been released. Also, a new Splatoon animation has been released in Japan based on the game’s manga from Coro Coro magazine.