Splatoon 2 Adds New Kensa Collection Weapons as Updates Wrap Up

Splatoon 2 Adds New Kensa Collection Weapons as Updates Wrap Up

New weapons for Splatoon 2 are coming to the game tonight, with familiar base weapons donning new aesthetic designs and abilities.

Nintendo’s family-friendly shooting game Splatoon 2 has always received a steady stream of new content updates, but we appear to be nearing the end. With a final big update coming tomorrow, players are getting the last of the new goodies, which will include some Kensa Collection weapons arriving tonight.

This line of equipment, first introduced in the 4.0 update, doesn’t really have too many functional differences from familiar items; rather, it’s more of an aesthetic and fashion statement. The new weapons will include the Kensa .52 Gal, Kensa Glooga Dualies, Kensa Mini Splatling, and Kensa Rapid Blaster. While they all fire similarly to previous weapons, they feature some of the newer sub and special items recently introduced to the game.

The .52 Gal has a polka-dot pattern, like something accidentally designed for Minnie Mouse; it will come with the Booyah Bomb special. The Dualies look a bit like glue guns and include the Fizzy Bomb sub-weapon. The Mini Splatling gives players access to the Ultra Stamp special, which need I remind you, is literally a giant freaking rubber stamp you use to attack opponents. Finally, the new Rapid Blaster can have players make use of the new Torpedo sub-weapon.

Of course, even with the additions of new weapons and items coming to a close, balance updates and Splatfest events will still continue for the time being. The next Splatfest is titled “FrostyFest,” and will have players make the near-impossible decision of choosing between “Friends” and “Family.” By the way, “Friends” all the way.

Again, expect these weapons in the game tonight, with a final big update for Splatoon 2 coming tomorrow.