Splatoon 2 Getting New Map, Shifty Station; Exclusive to Splatfest Events

Splatoon 2 is adding a transformative new map called Shifty Station, which will appear exclusively during the game's various Splatfest events.

on August 1, 2017 12:24 PM

Released just a few weeks ago, the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Splatoon 2 already has fans debating over the finer things in life like Marina vs. Pearl and Ketchup vs. Mayo (though we all know ketchup is the correct answer), while new maps are expected to make their way into the game in the very near future.

Nintendo of America has announced that a new map will make its way into the rotation of Splatoon 2, called Shifty Station. However, Shifty Station will offer a different experience from the rest of the game’s maps, in that it will only be available to play during the game’s various Splatfest events, the first of which (Ketchup vs. Mayo) is taking place from Friday, 8/4 – Saturday, 8/5.

Along with a few images of the map in action, Nintendo also added that Shifty Station, as its name implies, will change its appearance with each Splatfest event, which is sure to make it a bit more interesting depending on what the context of the Splatfest event itself is. While Nintendo didn’t exactly specify when the map will appear, it’s likely that the map will be available for the first Splatfest this weekend and (hopefully) will be in rotation for the duration of the event.

Splatoon 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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