Splatoon 2 Event FrostyFest to Offer New Year’s Cosmetic Items

Splatoon 2 Event FrostyFest to Offer New Year’s Cosmetic Items

Through the Nintendo Switch News Channel, players of Splatoon 2 can obtain some special New Year's cosmetic items for their character.

The FrostyFest event for Splatoon 2 is nearly upon us, and with it comes some neat cosmetics for your Inkling or Octoling character. Like during the Halloween event, players of Splatoon 2 can gain these items through the Nintendo Switch News Channel.

It probably isn’t something that Nintendo Switch users regularly check (news is what you have DualShockers for, right?), but in this case, the News Channel has its perks. All you have to do is go to the Splatoon 2 channel in the News section on your Switch and hit the “Unwrap your present” button. After that, open up Splatoon 2 to be greeted by a nice little present in Inkopolis Square.

These include a series of New Year’s items, including New Year’s Glasses (with the Special Charge Up perk), a Twisty Headband (with Special Power Up), the Festive Party Cone (with Main Power Up), and the Eel-Cake Hat (with Quick Respawn). Christmas has passed, so it’s time to flaunt some New Year’s ridiculousness.

Although a new year is upon Splatoon 2, that about does it for major content updates for the game. The last major update for the game came in December, although expect more Splatfests hopefully quite soon. The last Splatfest had a theme based on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which has Inkling as a playable fighter. Pitting fans of Nintendo heroes versus followers of villains, Team Villains ultimately took home the victory.

The FrostyFest Splatfest for Splatoon 2, a Nintendo Switch exclusive, will last from January 4 to January 6.