Splatoon 2 Will Offer More Weapon Customization Options than Original

Revealed earlier in Splatoon‘s Tumblr dev blog, Squid Research Labs, Nintendo has revealed some heftier customization options for weapons.

Splatoon 2 will feature a new character — Murch — who is a pro at the process known as “gear scrubbing.” Essentially, players will be able to take any weapon they own, remove its special properties and abilities in exchange for “ability chunks.”

After collecting enough of these ability chunks, players can add a new ability to any new equipment provided there is an empty gear slot. In effect, this means players will be able to customize their weapons to their hearts content — far beyond what was available in the original Splatoon.

Splatoon 2 just wrapped up with its Global Testfire (beta) on Nintendo Switch earlier this week, showing impressive performance on Nintendo SwitchSplatoon 2 doesn’t have an official launch, but will come out sometime this summer exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Check out the pictures below of Murch and the “gear scrubbing” process.

Lou Contaldi

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