Splatoon 2 Getting New Stages Across Different Modes This Week

Splatoon 2 Getting New Stages Across Different Modes This Week

Get ready to board pirate ships and occupy abandoned outposts in Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2's different multiplayer modes.

For those of you who invested time in the Wii U’s breakout “success” competitive TPS, Splatoon, you may be well aware of Nintendo’s penchant for content trips. That strategy is once again returning in the game’s Nintendo Switch sequel, Splatoon 2, according to Nintendo — two new maps for both competitive play and Salmon Run (read “horde mode”) will release through the week.

News comes by way of Nintendo’s Twitter account — the first announcement that pirate-ship themed competitive stage Manta Maria would be coming this upcoming Friday evening:

Nearly immediately after that, Nintendo revealed that Salmon Run — Splatoon 2’s co-operative take on a horde mode — will be coming tonight, via The Shoal and in the upcoming online work-shifts:

Titled “Lost Outpost,” this stage has a noticeable red-tint in an almost apocalyptic atmosphere to the otherwise vibrant and colorful shooter.

Splatoon 2 continues to be a breakout success for the still-young Nintendo Switch, with the game topping charts in both Japan and America throughout July. DualShockers’ Ryan Meitzler reviewed the title when it released, awarding the game a 7.5 out of 10 and noting:

It’s easy to see why Splatoon made such a splash on the Wii U two years ago, and how Splatoon 2 might make a kid (or a squid) out of all of us on the Switch.

Splatoon 2 is currently available, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.