Splatoon 2 Storms Nintendo Switch Alongside New Launch Trailer

Splatoon 2 Storms Nintendo Switch Alongside New Launch Trailer

Splatoon 2 releases on Nintendo Switch with a brand new launch trailer, focusing on Salmon Run, Turf War, and every other thing the game has to offer.

Developer Nintendo is pulling out all of Splatoon 2’s stops with the brand new launch trailer. Released today, alongside the main game, the trailer focuses on every playable component of Splatoon 2. Simultaneously splattered with a hefty dose of action and the game’s signature music, the trailer alone makes a strong case for why every Splatoon fan with a Nintendo Switch should pick up the game.

Beyond the paramount Turf War multiplayer mode (where players go head-to-head trying to cover more swaths of the map with paint), the trailer focuses on saving loadouts via amiibo figures, new weapons, brand new abilities, and much more. Other competitive multiplayer modes include Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rain Maker; that isn’t even including the solo campaign and the brand new cooperative mode, Salmon Run.

Splatoon 2, out today exclusively on Nintendo Switch, hopes to revitalize the immensely popular TPS game for the Wii U — including a Ketchup vs. Mayonnaise turfwar Splatfest coming soon in August. If you have been anxiously awaiting DualShockers’ review coverage of the game, don’t fret — we are making sure to thoroughly test the game’s public servers under launch day stress to make sure our review score holds up.

As mentioned above, Splatoon 2 is available today exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Check out the launch trailer below: