Splatoon 2 Tournament Website Will Attempt to Foster an Online Community

Splatoon 2 Tournament Website Will Attempt to Foster an Online Community

European Splatoon 2 players can take advantage of a tournament website to find teams for upcoming online tournaments, the first being on Sunday.

Nintendo isn’t well-known for supporting competitive scenes in video games, but an attempt from Nintendo of Europe to connect Splatoon 2 players of all skill types appears to be promising. Through a tournament website, novice, intermediate, and expert players alike can find teams for future scheduled competitions.

The first Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup will be on Sunday, January 13, with 128 spots up for grabs. Players who are already part of a team can prepare in the official Discord server, something I’m surprised actually exists. Otherwise, individual players are encouraged to fill out a form, with the promise of help finding a full team of four.

With the website being relatively new, there isn’t too much to explore—one blog post focuses on tips for intermediate players, with some basic techniques that are easy to execute and difficult to master and put into practice. There’s also a similar post for beginner players that describes some of the basic elements of the gameplay.

Tournaments for Splatoon 2 are said to be free, national and European, monthly, and inclusive to all skill levels. Otherwise, casual players can keep on enjoying the regular Splatfest events. The most recent Splatfest had players choose between friends or family for the holiday season. While more people voted for the latter option, Team Friends ultimately took home the victory.

Big content updates for Splatoon 2 may no longer occur, but Nintendo appears to be trying to keep the Splatoon scene alive and extend the game’s staying power. No word yet on whether or not North America will get similar support.