Splatoon 2’s August Splatfest Features Disgusting Showdown Between Ketchup and Mayonnaise

This matchup is gross and I want no part of it.

on July 21, 2017 11:48 AM

To coincide with today’s release of Splatoon 2, Nintendo has revealed the teams for the game’s next Splatfest and it’s freaking gross. Beginning the first week of August, players will be able to choose between Team Mayonnaise or Team Ketchup in a condiment-based showdown.

For those unaware, last weekend Splatoon 2 offered a pre-launch Splatfest demo for players to try out the game’s multiplayer ahead of release. The two teams that players were able to choose from in that showdown were Team Cake and Team Ice Cream — two logical foods that are good independent of other toppings or add-ons.

Know what no one ever eats by itself? Ketchup and mayonnaise. Well, unless you’re this kid. But seriously, what is this Splatfest asking us to choose? Which condiment we would prefer to eat an entire jar of? Because if it is, consider me sitting this Splatfest out. That’s disgusting, Nintendo.

The real matchup should’ve been Team Mustard on Hot Dogs vs Team Ketchup on Hot Dogs. Something like that makes way more sense. Condiments are too dependent on the food that they are accenting to be judged independently in this way.

On a serious note, Splatoonis out today exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned as we will have our review posted for the game soon.

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