Splatoon Producer Nogami Confirms Content Updates Ending January 2016

on December 29, 2015 12:39 PM

Since Splatoon’s May 28th launch, there has been a constant stream of content bringing countless weapons and stages. In November’s Nintendo Direct, there was a hint that the updates were coming to a close at the earliest by January 2016. Now, thanks to a recent Famitsu article featuring the Splatoon developers (translated by Nintendo Everything), we have confirmation that they are ceasing content updates as of late January 2016.

The interview, which touches on a number of topics, moves to the subject of when updates are ending. In response, Producer Hisashi Nogami said:

[U]pdates that add rules, stages, weapons, gear, etc. will have the last batch in January 2016. But after January they still will adjust weapons for balance if needed. Events like Splatfests will also continue to be held for the foreseeable future.

When asked to elaborate why they won’t continue updating for a game that is topping the charts in awards and laurels, they replied:

[B]ecause right now there are already 14 stages and over 70 kinds of weapons. So if they add even more, it would be hard for players to memorize all of them, especially when considering weapon compatibility with stages.

You can’t fault a developer for wanting to move onto their next project, especially after a year of constant updates. But what do you make of this answer? Do you wish they would keep up with the content or move onto the next thing?

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