Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo in January

Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo in January

For as long as we’ve been waiting for this game, we’re sincerely hoping that it’s exactly what it’s been hyped up to be. After seeing numerous screenshots and gameplay videos, many of us were left caressing our genitals – who the hell wants blue balls? It was a tease, god damn it. But now, according to our New York City neighbor Hip Hop Gamer  who attended the Ubisoft event yesterday, the demo for Splinter Cell: Conviction will be hitting your Xbox 360’s this coming January; I say this coming January because the game has been postponed beyond belief, folks.

The Splinter Cell series is known for its badass, bald-headed, stealthy, minority killin’ government agent Sam Fisher and his journey to take down terrorist baddies that are trying to endanger the country and, later on, his family (if you played the series, you know what I’m talking about). Am I excited for Conviction? Like a slave teased with the opportunity of freedom, hell yes. 


Splinter Cell: Conviction launches February 2010 which gives us a couple of weeks, if released in early January, to tune our espionage skills with the demo. Being that the game has undergone a couple of changes since it went back for re-structuring, I’m curious to learn if there is anything beyond what we’ve been exposed to that will awe us. The visuals are sexy, the gameplay looks smoother than my butt, and it looks to bring a wad of story which will, I’m pretty sure, give us an erection of sorts – so wear your tight jeans.

Are you guys excited about it? Or has the delay sort of withered any excitement you once had? Let us know your thoughts.