Split Will Be Removed from Valorant Competitive and Unrated Map Pool

Riot Games eventually listened to the community and you can expect no more Split in core game modes!

June 17, 2022

Split will no longer be a part of the map pool in Competitive and Unrated modes of Valorant as Riot Games announces in the latest patch notes. It is safe to say that Split is one of the least favorite maps among the Valorant community, and fans are finally getting what they have been asking for.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 will be available next Wednesday, and Riot Games recently shared the full patch notes for the upcoming update, including the announcement of Pearl as a brand new map that will force Split out only to take its place in the Competitive and Unrated map pool two weeks after new episode’s launch.

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That being said, the patch notes refer to the removal of Split as a temporary change, but Riot Games didn’t make it clear whether there would be a fix or rework for Split in the future. The map will remain in esports events until LCQ in August 2022.

If Split is a favorite map for you, however, it will still be available in the other game modes in Valorant, but you can expect it to gradually fade off from minds.

Based on the tone of patch notes, it doesn’t sound like there would be any other changes in the Competitive and Unrated map pool in the near future, but if Riot Games decides to set aside one more map from the pool, Ascent could probably be the top candidate as there is almost no love for this map among the community at the moment!

As a two-bomb-site map, Split was a difficult map to win for Attackers. The entry points of the map to each bomb site include multiple angles from the defender position that makes it tough to rush inside the site without heavy sacrifices. Ascent is the other map that suffers from similar issues, but it seems like players still have to get along with it.

You can expect Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 to arrive on June 22. When it launches, Riot Games will add a dedicated game mode for Pearl, allowing players to get to learn the new map before its addition to the official Competitive and Unrated map pool.

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