Splitgate Update on August 6 Patch Notes, Servers Are Now Available

Splitgate will now kick you out if you stay too long in the menu.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 6, 2021

Splitgate update is now live across all platforms and you can get back to the game after brief maintenance.

The online free-to-play portal shooter, Splitgate, has received an incredible welcome from console players that the developers would’ve never expected.

The large number of players that suddenly flooded into the Splitgate servers caused a lot of problems for developers, who had not prepared enough servers for a huge community.

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Since its launch in the Early Access phase on consoles, the players are facing matchmaking issues, and sometimes it might take up to 90 minutes to find a match with an empty slot for a new player.

That being said, the developers are hard at work to wipe out the issues, get some new bigger servers, and reduce the matchmaking time as much as they can.

Earlier today, the developers rolled out a new update for Splitgate that applies some changes to the gameplay. On the PC version, the game increases the frame rate cap up to 360 FPS.

You can check out the full patch notes down below:

Splitgate (2021): Announce Trailer

Splitgate (2021): Announce Trailer

Splitgate Update on August 6 – Patch Notes

  • 360fps support on PC
  • Autosprint (in settings)
  • Kicking people who AFK in menu too long.

Splitgate full version is supposed to be launched this month, but if the developers could get enough servers to cut down the matchmaking period, they might push back the release date to later this year.

Combining Halo-style combat with some creative gameplay mechanics like portals, Splitgate is an entertaining shooter experience for those who are looking for a unique vision in multiplayer first-person shooters.

Splitgate is now available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. It’s still the Beta version of the game, so don’t expect a fully polished experience.

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