Splody Will Launch Onto PlayStation 4 Next Month

Splody Will Launch Onto PlayStation 4 Next Month

A modern take on Bomberman, the bomb-dropping action game Splody will be available for PlayStation 4 next month on September 18th.

PlayStation has shared a launch trailer to announce that Splody, a bomb dropping action game, will be making its way to PS4 next month.

Clearly inspired by Bomberman and other games like it, Splody has players place bombs, get out of the way, destroy friends, and collect power-ups.

The game can be played locally with up to four other players or online in multiplayer matches for up to 32 other people. Various game modes include free-for-all or teams, traditional “Last Man Standing”, “Humans vs Bots”, and “Capture the Dino”.

The game can also be customized with some of the rules that players want. They can select which power-ups players start with and find during a match, and they can also customize level design and play those custom levels online. There are also special levels with different features like tunnels, teleporters, and conveyors.

You can check out the trailer below. Splody will be available for PS4 on September 18th, and it is currently available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.