Spoil at Your Own Risk, Gorgeous MVC3 Opening Scene

Spoil at Your Own Risk, Gorgeous MVC3 Opening Scene


It looks like the preview of the final boss in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 we saw earlier today wasn’t the only premature tidbit of the game we’d get our greasy paws on, even if it has been taken down since. The full opening cinematic for the game has also surfaced, and let me just say, it is all kinds of awesome.


I won’t talk about it, since it technically is a spoiler, but it is very entertaining, showing a variety of heroes and villains in an action packed display that will make you want the game this very second. At the end of the video, I wanted nothing more than to press start and play.

Rest assured that this video will be just as awesome when the game comes out in just over two weeks from now, if you can wait that long. It will probably be better since you waited like a patient gamer, but who can bear the anticipation? Hit the break (or don’t) for the trailer. MVC3 drops on February 15th.