Spotify Might Be Coming to Xbox One, According to Leaked Screenshot

Spotify Might Be Coming to Xbox One, According to Leaked Screenshot

Spotify might be making its way to Xbox One in the near future, according to a leaked screenshot showing the app being tested by Xbox's Major Nelson.

In recent years, Spotify and other music services have made their way onto consoles to allow users the ability to stream their favorite music while playing games, with the popular music platform seemingly on its way to Xbox in the near future.

A leaked screenshot on Reddit (via The Verge) pointed toward the appearance of Spotify on Xbox One, as the screenshot showed Xbox’s Larry Hryb (aka “Major Nelson”) appearing to be testing the app, with the text underneath showing his name alongside “Spotify Music – for Xbox.”

No official confirmation has been provided at this time for the app’s existence yet by either Microsoft or Xbox, but the inclusion of a Spotify app on the Xbox One isn’t outside the realm of possibility. A Spotify app is currently available to Windows 10 users (though is not universal and including Xbox yet), and the streaming music service made its console debut on the PS4 and PS3 back in 2015 through an exclusivity deal.

While no specifics have been revealed yet if the app is indeed coming to Xbox One, it could be likely that the exclusivity period with Sony/PlayStation may be nearing its end, and that the app could see its way to Xbox users in the near future. For now, we’ll have to wait and see, but hopefully the music will be set free on Xbox sooner, rather than later.